Quality Policy

Quality Statement & Policy

It is the Quality Policy of NGL Marine to provide the highest possible quality service in support of our mission and to be reponsive and professional to the needs of our customers, the public, the public, the country, and the environment, All business activities must be recognized as expressions of quality. We will continually review our performance against our custumers expectations and take actions to continual improvement.

NGL Marine is commited to:


The satisfaction of our custumers in all respects by supplying high-quality products, complying to the relevant standards, always on time.

Our Commitment

Fulfil our commitment through total involvement of all at NGL Marine and with continual improvement in our Quality & Environmental management system.


Communicate our Environmental commitment to clients, employees and other interested parties.


Comply with all quality requirements

our workforce

Develop andmaintain a highly motivated and rained workforce for effecive management of the quality.


Strive to continually improve our quality performance keeping in view the regulary requirements, community concerns, and technological advancements. Establish & maintain a healthy work environment. 

Legal requirements 

We comply with applicable legal requirements.