ISM Policy

The NGL Marine Safety Management Manual describes the company’s management system for the safe operation of our vessels and for pollution prevention, in conjunction with that company’s existing policies and procedures manuals. The SMS has been reviewed and indicated conformity with the requirements of the United Sates Coast Guard, Title 33 Code of the Federal Regulations, Part 96 and I.M.O resolution a.744(18) – The International Safety Management code.

NGL Marine Company Objectives are to:

– Provide for safe practices in vessel operations and a safe working environment. 

– Establish safeguards against all identified risks.

– Establish and implement actions to continuously improve the safety management skills or personnel ashore and onboard the vessels. 

– Prepare for emergencies related to both safety and environmental protection; and 

– Ensure compliance with mandatory rules and regulations, taking into account relevant national and international regulations, standards, codes  and maritime industry guidelines, when developing procedures and policies for the safety management system.